presence (not presents); mistakes; makeshift

I’m going to start this week’s post with a letter to family regarding Christmas gifts…make of it what you will. Also I want to talk about mistakes (and making the most of them) and makeshift thrifty fun times. Enjoy!

Knowing as I do that some if not most of you are more readily organisable than myself, and what with the halfyear come and gone, I’m beginning to think about Christmas upcoming and the gifts’ll be got. I have a request: the same I’ve asked for years past and have not got.

Please don’t give me anything. Not now nor in the future, leastwise brand shiny and new. I am not afeared to ask for what I need from you (generous all) and will when time comes by. In the meantime, there’s better things than this to do with money, time and most especially with our family’s way to show affectionately love. I have plenty (I know you do too) and need for very little; what I do I can mostlyways get for my own self.

If you can’t accustom yourself to the idea of a gift-free tree, give money to a something which’ll work for revolution and show to me the receipts. I appreciate the gesture I know to be made from love but am asking you to love me in the way I want; by listening to what I’m saying and treating me the way I’m asking.

Big big love…felix.
Recognize environmental problems,
Refuse any damaging activities,
Reduce waste and resources, Replace environmentally questionable activities,
Re-engineer organizational structures,
Retrain employees in environmental issues,
Reward successful attainment of environmental objectives,
Re-educate employees and customers, to benefit the environment.

By way of DIY, I've thrown together a handcart out of a secondhand pram and a luggage crate – photos to follow, but it's nice to know that there are simple (albeit temporary) solutions to my needs. Seriously kids, wheelbarrows = the most useful tool ever.

Aaand, still no buyin’! Well. The things I have been buying (and accepting as gifts, which is the same thing) include food, cigarettes, transport (trains), alcohol (wine), electricity, internet and phone, housing (rent, I mean)…
But still, the intent of NNY remains to examine consumption, at which it is succeeding.


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