Long absences

Well, it’s been a long time. I have been legitimately busy, as well as just distracted and lazy. Because I’ve been busy I’ve been simply not buying, rather than creatively finding ways to get what I need. My housemates and I have been continuing to scavenge all of our food from the dumpsters of supermarkets, but I haven’t been keeping a diary of it, partly because I’m lazy and mostly because it’s been them – not me – who’s been going out.

My garden is blooming and full of beans. The bees are busier than I’ve ever seen them, and I’m enjoying baths looking out over the escarpment, across the willows and onto the banks of the creek. It’s springtime; life is good, and it’s time for projects. We finished the housemate’s new room. It looks lovely, and ey was ridiculously stingy in buying new things, so other than a little timber, some concrete, bolts and nails, it’s been renovated and furnished with almost entirely found and recycled materials. We also built a firebath! Incredibly exciting. Bricks from the garden (which were serving no real purpose where they were), concrete and mortar we found in the shed-of-a-thousand-wonders. Mounded dirt around the bath and now we’re bathing in a bed of succulents. We’ll plant flowers and aromatic herbs later.

There have been a few major temptations since I last wrote: a sneaker store with a huge sale, cheap-cheap swivelscreen multitouch tablet/laptops. And a few failings: I’ve been buying a heap of take-away coffees, which is both unusual and unnecessary – I have a bunch of travel mugs at home.

I also serviced my bike. Which meant a fair whack of new materials going into it, including a whole new bottom bracket, which was wobbling around like a drunk rolypoly clown…


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  1. nix said,

    September 26, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    i do like reading this blog when it’s updated! i’ve been really reassessing what i ‘need’ to buy new or buy at all over the last few months. for a start, i’m planning to move countries in a year (can’t really take much with, don’t want to pay for that much storage) and then my job finished (so i want to save, not spend). we were thinking of getting a new couch, but really – we can deal with this one for a year longer!

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