So. For I think the first time I’ve seriously broken my (admittedly ill-defined) rules for NNY. I went to the hardware store the other day, and bought nails, wood glue and concrete. Nails and glue are for buildingthis bike trailer, and the concrete was for fixing the bath, which is now done. We didn’t use quite enough the first time, and it was stable but not quite steady. Since it’s pretty much the best form of relaxation (it even beats the adventure hammock) I’m keen to get it fixed up. Anyway, I bought a bunch of plants and seeds, too – but I’m ok with that.

To be fair, I feel as though I exhausted most of my other options. I even went looking for construction materials at my new favourite place – the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre (also known as the Reservoir tip shop). Seriously, tipshops are awesome, and I got a bunch of stuff there which I’d kinda given up on, like a vacuum cleaner and a bike pump (mine broke). Actually, I think tipshops are different to opshops, which I’ll talk about again soon.


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