I’ve been in a strange place the last few weeks, having found myself with both more time (the end of this semester’s coursework) and more money (job that pays the cashmoney). And so, ebay.

It’s been what can only be described as a spree, and while I’ve been careful to buy only secondhand things, and things I think (hope) will last me a longtime, I feel much more as though I’ve violated the NNY spirit than with the hardware I bought last week. I’ve bought another straightedge razor (as excessive as it sounds, two are actually recommended – they’re supposed to rest between shaves longer than I usually go without cutting) and a watch (which, as gauche pointed out, was a bad call), a pen (which I think is probably quite sensible – it’s what should be an entirely reliable gold nibbed fountain pen. They’re so much easier to refill than any ballpoint I’ve ever found, and the nib will, with luck and care, last longer than I will). I also got some entirely unnecessary butch street-cred in the form of cufflinks, tiepins and money clips. Oh yes.

The idea with these purchases – at least, the way I have been justifying them to myself – is that there are certain things (pen, watch) which I will need throughout my life, or at least the life I can foresee (bar the apocalypse). I figure it’s worth trying to find some good things, and paying good money for them, if they’re a once-off deal. But perhaps I am just kidding myself, and wanted some bling. Also I went to op-shops; got pants, shirts, even a suit. And shoes. My wardrobe is brand new, and entirely old. It’s quite nice, but I feel now that I didn’t need any of these things. The compulsive purchasing bothers me.


Batteries are evil. I have a bunch of rechargables, but can’t seem to find them in bigger sizes, so when I brought my boombox to some rally, and realised the absence of volume was an absence of voltage, I felt as though there was no option but to run to the nearest ‘convenience’ store to buy some. Salt n Peppa are the shit but I’m not convinced they were worth it – I didn’t end up cranking tunes on account of boring chanting. The moral of this story is that the presence of convenience stores tricks us (by which I mean me) into buying what we don’t need because the illusion of necessity is compounded by sheer force of presence.

In The Good News, however, I now have aloe planted for the shaving of my face, and a wonderfully ingenious friend has pointed out all the plum trees on the other side of the creek will be ripe in a month or so. Just in time for summer plum wine, a la Riots.

til next week.



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