The No New Year project is an experiment in opting out of unthinking, unconscionable consumption. For financial year 2010/2011 we’re going to restrain ourselves from the purchase of anything from the first-pass economy (with the exception of food and other ‘soft commodities’). What we need we will gather from the second-pass economy and from the enormous wealth of resources which is discarded by Melbourne every year.

We will document our attempts, our successes, and our failures in finding ways to live without relying on the false convenience of an economy inextricably rooted in exploitation and destruction.

the authors:

sister felix slowly is a Melbourne based anarchist, nurse, and health promoter who dreams of a world in which happiness is possible.

gauche sinister is a lazy and ambitious lover-critic who is always hungry but never wants to cook. ey thinks sustainable growth is an oxymoron, and happiness is real but always within something else. gauche writes to the left at State of Emergency and about queer sex and hanky code at opinicus rampant.


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