dumpster lists

As part of my no new year I’m gonna try and keep track of the food and goods I get from dumpsters. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

340g artichoke hearts
1 cantaloupe
?g just right cereal
100g crackers
210g breakfast bars
4 x chicken sausages
18 x gluten free sausages
pepper steak
casserole steak
3 x rissoles
600ml sprite zero
1.5l sprite
5 x chocolate macaroon bars
2kg spaghetti
13 x yakult
3 x bircher muesli
jar of strange coffee mix
8 x timtams (timtams, people. Timtams!)
200g red beans
microwave popcorn 100g
6 pears
1 apple
2x wild strawberry yoghurts
1kg plain flour
12 x muesli bars
1x bed frame which fits perfectly my previously on-the-floor mattress.
July 20
100g crackers x3
11 eggs
3l milk
1kg ricotta
500ml tomato sauce
1 head broccoli
12 muffin bars
430g beef soup
6 weiswurst sausages
500g tzatziki
375g butter x 3
1kg frozen “rustic cut” parmesan, garlic and basil flavoured potatoes
red wool jumper
bath mat
200g masdaam cheese
200g fruit, nut and brandy cream cheese x 3
750g cheddar
2l blackcurrant cordial
1 sausage roll
500g chicken lasagne
100g sliced roast beef
250g tuscan sausage x 2
60ml sour lolly drink
250g liver spread
1 loaf rice chia bread
July 14
1 roast chicken
48 x 400g borlotti beans (yes. 48)
breakfast juice 2l
pineapple and coconut juice 2l
2 x chamomile tea 100g
waghi valley black tea 100 g
washed potatoes 4kg
sour cream 200ml
1kg beef mince
500g silverbeet
lemon meringue packet mix
6 pack pancakes
5 x sao biscuits 250g
500g grated cheddar
66g salami
goats cheese 110g
1 can soup
1.5 kg sliced mushrooms
400g chopped mix veg
12 little packs original thin cut crisps
420g pumpkin soup
4 x 125 g flavoured yoghurt
5 x 90g cheetos crisps
90g chicken twisties
12 x 114g barbeque crisps
raspberry yoghurt drink 200g
4kg dried prunes
1l milk
120g baby mesclun
680g whey powder (?)

July 10:

10 bunches white asparagus
2 bags limes
6 granny smith apples
140 g minced garlic
850g corn
2x red coral lettuce (delicious!)
1/2 pumpkin
2kg washed baby nicola potatoes
4 lemons
1 head broccoli
500g cauliflower
600g chicken breast (pre-cut for stirfrying…weird)
2x punnet snow pea sprouts
900 g cup mushrooms (about half are organic)
150g shimeji mushrooms
250g block Devondale cheese
3x roast chickens
4x cookies and cream mini muffins
3x cheese and chive dip
1.8 kg “fresh” bolognese
3 l milk
17 eggs (milk + eggs = eggnog yumm!)
625 g roast chicken and garlic ravioli
600 g garlic and herb ciabbata


1 Comment

  1. midge said,

    July 15, 2010 at 12:09 am

    dried prunes! yum. chamomile tea! yuck.

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