Week 1

This week I’ve been travelling, landing in Kaurna country for this year’s Students of Sustainability (SOS) conference.

Travelling throws some problems up when it comes to not buying. Firstly, the food I buy when travelling is mostly prepackaged, heavily processed snackfood which I do want to avoid – I’m toying with the idea of trying to go 100% freegan for the year (presently I fluctuate at 50-90%)- secondly, there’s almost always something I forget when I jump on a bus at six in the morning. This time round, it was a cup. Travelling without a cup means no takeaway coffee, for instance. And the cafe at SOS was selling those cute little keep cups which were kinda hard to resist. Nevertheless, you can’t go past plain ceramic mugs from the Food Not Bombs kitchen (so, big thanks to FNB Adelaide).

The experience brought home to me that there’s a bunch of stuff I’d normally grab, needing it at the time (and thinking “I’ll use this every day“), but just chucking it in the dustcupboard when I get home. I’m going to learn to do without that – and it’s really, really going to be ok.

So, the only things I bought this week were the conference (registration costs), transport there and back, a pouch of tobacco, and entrance to a gig (a fundraiser for Tas forests). Week 1 = total win!