So, riding home today I found a big pile of carpet that had been put out on the side of my street. Such an awesome score, as my house is freezing, and the gas central heating recently broke. We’ve laid down a square in the loungeroom, and the difference is already noticeable, both in warmth and in audio insulation. Just goes to show that when you’re looking for something (and your options for getting it are limited) the world around you becomes a source of interest and a resource for living.

Big thanks to whoever put out their old carpet on a dry day!

In other news, I cleaned and oiled my bike tonight, and patched up my panniers (with mad cool rhinos from an old hoody I’ve had lying around since forever), so now we’re running a bit smoother. I’ve been relying on bikes as my primary source of transport since I moved to Melbourne in 2005, and the difference between a well-oiled chain and a crusty lump-o-rust is significant.

Plus, I sewed together an old apron and added a patch so’s now I’ve got a short pouchy thing with four pockets and a covering flap (I’ll post a photo sometime). It’s kind of the miniskirt of aprons, and I’m finding it really useful around the house. SO much sewing lately, it’s been great.